Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Blog Post

Dear Soul, Love & Faith, how you've been doing?

It's already like a decade since my last post, and you know what I wrote on that post, oh yeah "coming soon" piece of crap just to show you that I care. I'm not abandoning nor even have crossed on my mind that I will never write (by mentioning this actually I did think about that once). Look at all the time we've been through together, it  5 fuckin years already and I'm not even remember your birthday, (just realised that). You keep some of the precious moments in my life, the happiest to the less happiness, you've been the witness for some of all the great music I heard and spellbinding movies, so much of awesomeness

Things keep me pretty busy lately but not much different like in recently years, going out for movies is still a lifetime mission. 2 months passed in 2012, some movies were, some were lames, too early to pick which film would be my favorite this year, I've taken some notes and I might tell you (not promise though).

One more thing, once I came up with this idea to make things easier between us, why not send you more pictures and less writing...hahahaha (I really laughed at myself for this). I suck at picture, pictures and my writing, that's double the trouble.

I might not come with something new very soon, just thanks for now.

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